Image's essential. Ebb + Flow has reopened.'s essential.
Ebb + Flow has reopened.

Now more than ever, acupuncture is essential, and your health is essential to your well-being.

As an essential business, I have decided to re-open ebb + flow to provide a healing space to help you cope, manage stress and boost immunity during this emotional and chaotic time.

Acupuncture as a therapeutic modality can be extremely beneficial during such an uncertain time. The way we hold on to stress right now can manifest in many different ways not only in the present, but also years from now. Increased stress weakens the immune system, can cause illnesses to linger and symptoms to worsen. It seems that this virus attacks the organ system most out of balance in each individual it affects, which possibly explains why those impacted by the virus have shown such a varying range of symptoms. When our bodies are in a balanced state, it is more difficult for an external pathogen to wreak havoc on our bodies. Acupuncture is PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, I encourage you to take advantage of the short term and long term benefits. Along with boosting immunity, acupuncture can help put the brakes on the emotional rollercoaster we’ve all been riding the past couple of months.

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Ebb + Flow Acupuncture is a clinic focused on providing individualized health care through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine healing modalities. These modalities include Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, and herbal medicine to help patients maintain health and increase a sense of well-being through both preventative and acute episodic care.

A unique Oriental Medicine office—Ebb + Flow is located in a beautiful physical space, offers a superior standard of care, and provides an atmosphere maximizing positive patient experience.

Treatment is provided by Tracey Howerton, NCCAOM Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturist / EAMP.

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