acupuncture is a powerful and healing form of medicine that is life changing

Growing up with a father who practiced western medicine, as an emergency room physician, I was able to shadow him on a number of occasions in the ER. This opportunity led to my interest in and desire to study medicine. I studied Kinesiology at Miami University and graduated with my bachelors degree in 2010. After graduating, I was unsure of what area of medicine I wanted to specialize in. I just knew I wanted to practice  medicine, however, I hadn’t fallen in love with any particular field of medicine.

Several years ago my father, having practiced western medicine for over thirty years, pursued the study of acupuncture out of intellectual curiosity. He completed a course offered by Harvard focusing primarily on the Japanese style of Acupuncture and decided to transition from emergency medicine to solely practicing acupuncture. Fortunately, once again, I was able to shadow my father while he gave acupuncture treatments. I was instantly drawn to this form of medicine. It was the way patients left after receiving a treatment that sparked something inside of me. My mind was blown by how much change occurred in an individual’s well-being in less than an hour. One after another, patients would enter the office in pain, feeling defeated because they had tried "everything" and had seen "every specialist" and had come to get acupuncture as "their last resort." After treatments, time and time again I witnessed patients leaving the office with a new outlook and significant improvements in their conditions.

After witnessing the differences in how patients left the ER still in pain, seeing no improvement in their condition, verses an acupuncture treatment—where people left with smiles on their faces—and positive changes both physically and mentally—I knew I had found a medicine that I felt passionately about and wanted to practice.

When individuals cry tears of gratitude and happiness because of what acupuncture has done for them, I know that I am practicing a powerful and healing form of medicine that is life changing.

Recently, I have completed the Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine [MAcOM] from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. OCOM is the number one ranked  Chinese medical college in the nation and has accreditation from ACAOM,  the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

I am a NCCAOM® Board Certified Diplomat of Acupuncture, licensed in the state of Washington.

Tracey Elizabeth Howerton